Caledonia Yawl

This Iain Oughtred Caledonia Yawl was built in the Summer of 2012 as a Show case, and is currently up for sale. if you are interested in her, or commissioning a boat like her, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and talk about your desires/requirements. A second Yawl is currently under construction, to a very different specification, you can follow the progress of ‘Hull no. 2′ on the ‘Current projects’ page. She is built in ‘glued lap’ plywood construction, with built in buoyancy forward and aft. She carries a balanced lug yawl rig which has an un-stayed mast, making her very simple to rig. Both masts are hollow and very light. All cleats and trim are hand made from Sepeli and Teak. She is beautiful, and sails like a dream, even if I do say so myself