There’s been a multitude of small repairs to do and a couple of larger projects that are still underway in the workshop this summer.

But the most exciting project is the restoration job on this beautiful 33 foot Bermudan Cutter named Isonda. She came out of the water 3 years ago to have a new engine fitted, and as the age old story goes, John the owner started looking at a couple of other jobs and the project rapidly escalated.

I came along at the beginning of the year to give her a good look over and discovered a rotten king beam, Carlins in need of repair, cracked house sides, cracked frames, a damaged sheer strake and a deck that had had some poorly executed sheathing. So this May, work began removing the deck house and a fair portion of the old decking as well as the damaged sheer strake to get a better Idea of her condition and begin the real work.

To date, the rotten beam and supporting quarter knees have been replaced in Iroko, the Carlin beams have had repairs, about 1/3 of her tongue-and-grove decking has been replaced in Larch, the damaged sheer strake has been replaced in Douglas fir, the Teak house sides have been repaired and the house popped back into place.

Take a look at the gallery photos and you will get the picture.

We still have some work ahead of us, the deck now requires some considerable fairing before receiving two layers of glass sheathing. A number of frames internally will be repaired, the cockpit has a number of small jobs that require attention to make her watertight. Last of all a repair needs to be made to her Sitka Spruce mast before I leave john to get his hands stuck into the final finishing a preparing her for her first season at sea for nearly 4 years.

Further updates on her progress coming soon.