Graham Bothers (Dunoon) 12' Clinker boat

The latest project in the workshop is this delightful 12″ Clinker dinghy from the Graham brothers Yard in Dunoon. We think she was built in the 1950’s. In a remarkable condition for her age, this is largely a re-finishing job, the Thwarts and most of the internal structure have been removed to be stripped and re-varnished, making preparation of the planking and the frames much easier.

The mark of a properly built traditional boat really shows here, everything was removed simply by removing a couple of fasteners and tapping it with a mallet. The best materials were used to build this boat, with lovely quarter sawn larch planking, very straight, tight grain oak frames and thwarts and most of the internal structure of teak. Making for a very pleasant boat to work on. Most of what I would expect to be replacing has simply been stripped of its old varnish, re-finished and will go right back where it came from, even the thwart risers will be re-installed.

Some issues did need addressing however, a couple of the frames where a little soft so have been replaced, the planking has a couple of small splits that will be glued. new inner and outer gunnels are required, with a full new set of knees and breasthook. Regrettably, once the gunnels were removed, it was discovered that the sheer strakes where quite worn, and so she will get a new pair from Iroko. Once she is turned over, there’s a little re-fastening to do around the hood ends of the planks before she gets a new paint job and she is ready to head back to the island of Rassey where she lives.