Jonny Burke, a professional boat builder working out of Govan in Glasgow.

I provide a range of services to get you on the water, or keep you there, and enjoy your boat. I work mainly on more traditional timber constructed craft, normally up to around 25 feet in length, but work on many other type of craft can be undertaken.

Iā€™m experienced with traditional clinker and carvel construction, as well as more modern Plywood and epoxy, older glued construction boats, strip planked, cold molded and fiberglass/composite craft.

I have a close relationship with The GalGael Trust. Renting my workshop space from them and helping to ensure the safe use of their various boats, both small and large. This helps me keep my overheads very low, and my prices competitive.

Having spent a lifetime building, sailing, rowing, and generally getting afloat on small boats, I have a pretty clear understanding of the magic that small boats need to do their job, I also know what makes a boat a pleasure to own.

So I aim to build and repair boats that go on serving their owners for many years and that are attractive enough to turn heads where ever they go.